Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween preparations

 I think we're ready for the big day.  The pumpkins are decorated and the candy is in the big bin.  Henry's been wanting to do various Halloween projects everyday now for a while.  Let's see, we have a huge skeleton, lots of pumpkins, a black cat, a few fall trees, and today he told me that tomorrow he wants to make a witch's hat and a mask.  Halloween is so fun with little ones :)  This year, Henry is a Gopher football player and Lydia is going as a strawberry (thanks to Greta)!  Henry still isn't really a big candy eater.  He wants to be, but just doesn't like most candy.  Not sure how that's possible?  I love candy!  He loves the game of getting candy, counting it, organizing it, etc, but then it just sits there.  He'd still much rather hand out the candy, which is fine with us!  

We've had a couple Halloween activities to go to already.  This past weekend, Henry was the first lucky preschooler in his class that got to take home Pete the Cat.  He took him everywhere, I took photos, then we made a scrapbook page for him.  Here's Pete and Henry, all ready for the flashlight pumpkin hunt on Friday night.  We also went to Zoo Boo at Como Zoo on Sunday night.  Let the festivities continue!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

one year old

Lydia is one!  It feels weird to say that when people ask how old she is....."she's 1", say what?!  She's still speed crawling all over the house, standing and cruising around everything at her level, and is just starting to stand on her own for a short amount of time.  Favorite toy - I'd say stacking toys, strainers in the kitchen, and board books.  She'll quickly flip through every board book she can find, quite the little speed reader!  She does have a favorite book right now - Baby, Boo!  Talking - lots of babbling, I might hear a mama, mommy, dada, all done (or something like it :).  Loves to screech in the car, just like her brother used to do.  LOVES the song "5 Little Monkeys" and any song by One Direction (yes, she's a groupie already).  The girl can dance!  Doesn't really want to sign for me yet - she has her version of signing "water" and "all done," and I think she's doing "more" now, as well, though not consistent.  Still, very smiley, showing off her mouth full of chompers (12 of them, I believe).  Sleep is good at night, 12 hours, no problem; but not my good napper during the day like her brother!  Some days will take two good naps and other days not so much.  Meat (any and all kinds) and Cheerios are still her favorite foods.  Continues to go in spurts with what she likes and dislikes.  She doesn't like cheese; I thought all kids loved cheese!  I finished up my breastmilk from the freezer right around her 1st birthday, perfect timing.  Now she's on to whole milk.  
Here are her stats from Dr. Sakkal's visit.....
Length: 28.5 inches (30th %ile)
Weight: 18 pounds, 13 ounces (20th %ile)
Head Circumference: 18 inches (70th %ile)
The doctor visit was a rough one this time.  She's terrified of getting her height and weight measured, and from then on was sad-crying until the screaming came out for the 4 shots she had to get :(

Now, onto the big birthday bash!  Well, of course, I had to do a Cheerios theme for my little Cheerios lover!  

She wanted nothing to do with her cake.  We think she got a little scared of the flame on her candle, and therefore didn't want to to touch the cake associated with that mean candle.  I even tried putting frosting in her mouth, and she spit it out.  Oh well!  She wanted the breakfast sausage that Daddy was grilling for the brunch we were having :)

These two had fun with the Cheerio themed projects I had ready for them.  They're both big fans of a good "project," that's for sure!

Lydia & Grandma 

She was such a dainty little present-opener, very carefully tearing off the paper.  Thank goodness she had such a great helper, big brother, to assist her.  

Henry (4 yrs), Lydia (1 yr), Gabriel (1 yr), Greta (4 yrs)

We had a very nice day outside, so we had to get out for a family pic :)

Friday, October 17, 2014


We've been filling our weekends with outdoor activities, taking advantage of the last few nice ones before the snow starts flying!  The leaves are absolutely beautiful around here this past week!  Henry has been riding bike everyday this week in short sleeves, can't beat that in the middle of October :)

I like this place - the Eveland Family Farm.  It's got everything you need - farm animals, pumpkins, a kiddie corn maze, and hay rides.  I like to stock up on squash from there, as well!

Last weekend, we met some friends in Stillwater to check out Aamodt's Apple Farm.  We've never been to this one before.  It was ok.  Honestly, I'm a bigger fan of our usual apple spot - the Pine Tree Apple Orchard.  Henry liked running through the hay bale maze.  His buddies, Jack & Joe, commented more than once "how fast of a runner Henry was."  I do agree, the boy is fast.....not always coordinated.....but fast!

Lydia was obsessed with the goats.  She did not want to leave them alone.  She just stood there and watched, pointed, grunted at them.  When we were sitting at a picnic table having a snack, she was longing to get back to her goats, so Phil had to bring her over there again.  Goat lover, who knew?!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last month, Philip had a meeting out in San Fran, so I tagged along and we made a weekend of it, along with a couple of friends!  It was the longest amount of time that we'd both been away, together, from the kids (thank you again, Oma & Opa).  We had fabulous sushi one night, did the wine scene in Napa for a day, and then saw all that San Francisco had to offer, as well.  Here are a few pics from the trip.....

Our favorite stop on our trip around Napa - Aonair.  It was a recommendation that we had received from some friends.  I had made an appointment to visit with the winemaker himself, as he does not do public tours or tastings.  It was the four of us and the winemaker's father (he was busy doing winemaking stuff, I'm sure), just sitting out on their patio, tasting some fantastic wine.  Seriously, the best wine I'd ever had.  It was like Christmas morning when the FedEx man pulled up last week with the wine that we had ordered!

The Sea Lions at Pier 39 were fun to watch.  Hundreds of them hang out here, barking all day long!

Here's Alcatraz.  Phil wanted to go on the evening tour one night.  Who knew that they sold out months in advance?!  That would have been a little too creepy for my liking.

Domaine Carneros - another stop on our wine trip.  It was a great way to end our day in Napa, enjoying plenty of sparkling wine!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

hay & corn & pumpkins & a really big slide

It was crazy hot out this past weekend, just lovely if you ask me.  We tried out a new "Fall Fun" spot this year, the Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze.  First up was the hay bale maze.  You could either run through it or run on top of it - you can see here what Henry chose!

Lydia, on the other hand, was not the biggest fan of the scratchy hay.

This corn pit was a-mazing!  It was huge!  He could have seriously played in there for hours.  Lydia and I joined him for a while, it really was a bizarre feeling, playing in corn.  Lydia had corn stuck between each of her toes when we were done :)  Henry had to strip down before we got in the car in order to make sure we were leaving every kernel there!    
 Belly flop!

This was his first "big slide" that he went down all by himself!  He was soooooo proud of himself and so was I :)

The last activity of the day - mini pumpkin slingshot!  

One final family pic on our way out of the corn!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anoka County Farms

We had the pleasure of having Auntie Jackie at our house last week for a visit.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we stayed busy outside!  One afternoon, we made a trip to Anoka County Farms for some good ol' pumpkin fun.  Henry painted a fabulous little pumpkin that is decorating our front porch now.  We checked out all the farm animals - Lydia was NOT a fan of the cock-a-doodle-doo-ing going on!  Henry got to play in the big dirt pile with all the trucks, do a little pumpkin bowling, and bounce around in the bouncy house for a long time.  
And here were just a few of the photos I got with my 2 little pumpkins....