Thursday, July 9, 2015


June has come and gone already!?!  These two are keeping me busy this summer!

We try to eat as many of our meals outside as possible.  Usually lunch is a picnic in the front yard and dinner is out back on the deck.  After dinner, we always run around down on the grass, doing airplane rides and playing tag!

The day of Henry's birthday party, Auntie Sonja invited us to Valleyfair.  The company she works for was having Family Day there.  It was such a blast!!  Henry was the perfect height for all the rides in Planet Snoopy.  I don't think he even had to wait in line for any of the rides that day either - bonus!  It was a hot one that day, so Phil and Henry sure enjoyed the water park as well.  

Lydia even got in on the action!  "Ride, ride, ride!"

We took part in National Donut Day this year with a trip to Hans' Bakery in Anoka.  Old Fashioneds, both chocolate frosted and sugar coated, still warm even - nomnom.

I think this was the first year in quite a few where it was a nice day outside for Grand Old Day in St. Paul!  We took in the parade with friends, then the kids had a fun afternoon on all the bouncy houses and of course, plenty of treats!

Henry got a new tennis racket from Oma & Opa for his birthday.  We have some great tennis courts right in our development, that we've biked to a few times now.  He's really liking it!

Miss Fashionista, just a regular day at the park for her!

Henry had some help from Grandma making Daddy his fantastic Fathers Day cards this year!  

These two have been loving their evening strolls together, that's for sure!

We made a bucket list for all the activities we wanted to do this summer, and having a Lemonade Stand was on it!  He strategically placed himself right on the corner of the sidewalk, in order to catch people coming from 2 directions - smart guy.  He even threw in a fudge striped cookie with every glass of lemonade :)

I took this picture on the first day that the beach in our development was open!  We've enjoyed quite a few more beach days since then, as well.  

Auntie Jackie came to visit us earlier this summer.  One day, we made a trip out to Stillwater to play at Teddy Bear Park, have lunch at Leo's, and take a walk along the great St. Croix River.  

And this is how we've been spending most of our afternoons here.  Water table, kiddie pool, squirt gun buckets, and sprinklers.  What more could you need for an afternoon of fun in the sun?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5 year check-up

Henry had his annual check-up with Dr. Sakkal.  Here are his stats.....
height: 43 1/2 inches (~65th %ile)
weight: 38 1/2 pounds (~35th %ile)
blood pressure: 98/52
Dr. Sakkal said that where he stands on the growth charts is right where he was last year - tall and skinny!

He also had a vision and hearing check, passed both with 100%.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5 year birthday bash

Henry's birthday party this year was a Ninja party!  We had the party at The Cellar Gym in Minneapolis, where the kids all had a karate lesson/games, along with pizza and cupcakes too!

Mr. Bravo was the karate instructor.  He was fantastic with the kids!  He had so many activities that all involved listening skills, balance, personal space, coordination, safety, etc.  They had to respond with "YES SIR" for everything as a sign of respect (the parents were loving that part)!

Here's the crew - Joey, Owen, Nathan, Henry, Blake, Jack, Diya, Kyan, and Rohit.


Happy Birthday to Henry!

Monday, July 6, 2015

5 years old

Henry is 5 years old!  Oh my, we have a 5 year old?!?  I can remember that night when my water broke.....the whole experience is still so vivid in my mind and I hope I never forget that memory.  

Of course, everybody gets breakfast in bed on their birthday in this house; it's one of Henry's favorites!  He also woke up to a bedroom FULL of balloons.   

Phil took the day off from work.  The agenda that day was completely up to the birthday boy!  He chose to head to Lilli Putt for some mini golf, go-kart rides, and bumper boats.  He sure did tell everybody that we saw that it was his birthday that day.     

He picked his favorite restaurant for lunch - Burger King!

After dinner out for pizza at Carbone's, we had Oma & Opa over for cake and ice cream to celebrate!

This is what he picked - funfetti cake, blue frosting with crazy sprinkles, ninjas, and a big #5.  Wow, there's a lot going on here!

Here's his 5-year interview I did with him.  Legos and golf were definitely the popular answers this year!  Apparently he feels that "listening to Mommy" is something he does very well?!  Hmmm.....