Friday, January 16, 2015

15 months

Lydia had her 15 month appointment today with Dr. Sakkal.  
Here are her stats.....
Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces (20th %ile)
Length: 29.5 inches (30th %ile)
Head Circumference: 18.25 inches (60th %ile)
Check out those shoes.  Multiple times a day, she'll go dig in her shoe bin and bring me a pair.  She LOVES her shoes!  Along with her shoes, she LOVES her baby dolls, too.  Look at her - pink shoes, cell phone and purse in hand, 3 baby dolls in the stroller.  Oh, she makes me smile :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas - part 2

My parents and sister joined us on Christmas Eve at our house.  We had an early dinner that night and then opened gifts.  Once again, the kids were spoiled!  Henry sure loved his Lego movie from Grandma & Grandpa and a Captain America costume from Auntie Sonja (which he now wears on a regular basis) and Lydia doesn't want to let her new baby doll that giggles all the time out of her sight :)  That night before bed, Henry picked out the cookies that he wanted to leave for Santa, along with a few pictures he made, one for the big man himself and one for his elves.  Phil and I got to go to church all by ourselves at 10pm.  It was crazy to actually get to listen to everything that was being said in church - ahhh, a nice break :)  

Phil and I saved our big gift for the kids until Christmas morning.  Henry has been wanting a car for the last 2 summers, since his buddies on the block all have them.  A fitted sheet worked perfectly as one of those car covers :)  

It was such a mild morning, he actually got to take it for a spin outside.  A couple of the neighbors could hear him coming down the road, so they all came outside to see!

Why use the door when you can jump out of the top, right?!  The car is now sitting in our basement until it warms up outside.  I've already had to implement the rule that you must use the door!

After celebrating with Santa on Christmas morning, we headed over to Oma & Opa's to enjoy Christmas Day.  Once again, the kids exchanged gifts with their cousins and aunt & uncle.  Henry sure loves his Highlights magazine he gets every month from the Gillespies and Lydia has been playing with her new set of blocks everyday from the Richters.  It started snowing mid-morning and didn't quit till we went home that night - we got our white Christmas after all :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas - part 1

We celebrated Christmas for a whole week - just how I like it!  I think the kids opened gifts 4 different days and loved every minute of it!  We had brunch at Oma & Opa's the weekend before Christmas.  Here, Opa helped Lydia open her new bottle for all her babies (the girl loves her baby dolls; she carries around up to 3 at a time already).

Thank goodness Oma showed her how to feed her babies :)  Now when she feeds all her babies at home, she makes the sucking noise for them and smiles!

Ya think Henry was pumped to open this new Lego set - look at that face!?  

A few nights later, we had our own family Christmas at our house.  I saw glimpses of myself that night in Henry - he couldn't clean up his toys fast enough, knowing that he was going to get to open presents!  Oh man, he was pumped up that night!  New jammies always have to be put on immediately, right?!  The boys LOVES jammies with a super hero cape - from the Darcys.  

These books were from Lydia.  She really knows the way to his heart - Lego books!
More Christmas celebrations to come.....

Thursday, January 8, 2015


It's soooooooo cold out there these past few days.  I think we were the only district in the metro that actually had school yesterday (and I was A-OK with that).  
Phil took some time off of work around Christmas, so we went on a few indoor outings with the kids.  One morning, we checked out the gymnastics club, Perpetual Motion, for open gym.  Look at Lydia, my little gymnast, so proud of herself for walking across her balance beam.....

.....and jumping on the trampoline :)

They had a bouncy house blown up there, as well, which I'm pretty sure was Henry's favorite!

One Sunday morning, we went bowling at the Brunswick Zone, another great indoor activity in the winter.  Henry was pumped - "I got 68 points!"

We made our first trip of the season out to the backyard to get on the lake for some skating a couple weekends ago (well, Henry and Dad skated while Lydia and I watched).  Henry started skating lessons this week, which will go through the month of January.

Lydia will NOT keep her mittens on, unless I tuck them into her coat so hard that she can't pull them off :)  Obviously, I didn't have them on too well here.

On this afternoon, Henry said he was the horse and Lydia was the cowboy.  He was pulling her all over the place, and she was lovin' it!