Monday, April 29, 2013

spring (summer?) has sprung!

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend here, the first one of the year actually!  Henry hung with Oma & Opa while Phil and I got to go to the Twins game (thank you again), my first of the season.  75 degrees, sunny, and a Twins win - what more could you ask for?  

On Sunday, we went over to Waldoch Farms to check out their open house.  It never seems to disappoint - farm animals, a balloon man, cookies and lemonade (or lemolade, according to Henry), and.....

.....plant your own flower.  Check out these 2 manly men planting 1 pretty pansy :)

It was like a non-stop block party outside this weekend.  The neighbors were all out and the streets were filled with bikes.  I know I surprised a few neighbors with the size of my belly, after a long winter of wearing heavy jackets, only a few people knew I was pregnant!   

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm so behind!!

My blog posting has been less than stellar lately, that's for sure.  I'm now 15 weeks pregnant (and feeling like I'm 30 weeks by the end of each day)!  At my 12 week appointment, the heartbeat was at 155 bpm.  When Henry was 12 weeks along, his was 170.  Hmmm.  Once again, we won't be finding out the sex of the baby, so we'll see?  I have absolutely no desire to have my picture taken right now, so here's a glimpse at my growing belly.  I think I'm FINALLY starting to feel better now, not great, but better.  I'm able to keep my eyes open and not fall asleep during the day, but as soon as Henry goes to bed (7-7:30pm), I'm done for the day, and so is my back :)

Before and After
Oh, this wall looks so sad now that I look at it in a picture.  I never wanted to put anything on this wall, as I knew we would have some built-ins installed at some point.  

Well, that some point has come and I'm very happy with it!  Every night, Henry puts all of his toys into their bins and they get put in the cabinets, it's great.  Now, how to decorate?  Our next project is to have the entire interior of the house painted, which will be happening next week - I'm very pumped!  After that, my next two projects will be Henry's new big-boy room (blue carpet and all) and the new baby's room.  

Mud room - before

 Mud room - after
Henry even gets on my case when I don't put my shoes under my cubby when we come in the house :)

What have we been up to?  
Well, nothing too crazy, which is fine!  Our regular outings each week have been StoryTime at the library on Tuesdays and PlayGroup at our Church on Wednesdays (of course, Henry loves going to Oma's on Thursdays and Fridays and can't say enough about his favorite toy - Main Street).  Other than that, we've been filling our days with shoveling, playdates with Harrison and Owen, bike riding (he rode his trike 3 blocks today), projects, and baking (my sweet tooth went away when I was first pregnant, just like it did with Henry, but it's slowly coming back, thank goodness) - this has been a good activity for those cold afternoons we've had lately.  

Last weekend, we took a trip so Phil could check out a new lawn mower he's had his eye on, and Henry managed to test out every single one of them in the store.  Henry said if Daddy was getting a new one, that he needed a new one too, maybe a blue one or a red one as he already has a green one.  In that same conversation, Henry also said that along with a new lawn mower, he also needed a new cell phone and another bin to put his toys in.  Ok then.   

As it was snowing again outside, our Earth Day project inside was coffee filter/flower painting.

Isn't my bouquet just beautiful?!  I love it!

That's about it around here :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

before the snow flies (again...)

As we sit here and wait for out Winter Storm Warning to hit us tonight, and wonder where oh where is our Spring, here's a look back on our week.....

Henry's new Razor is officially an "outside toy" now, no more basement scooter-ing.   

Lots of jam sessions around our house :)  It's funny - when Phil's home, Henry requests Eddie Vedder.  When I'm home, his only request is Luke Bryan (thank goodness). 

Today was definitely a muffin-making kinda day.  Banana - rhubarb - chocolate chip, good stuff.  Henry was a really good helper from start to finish, even cracking the eggs (and then picking out the broken shells too)! 

He's been working on his up-dog and down-dog (as shown here) yoga poses with me!  The boy enjoys some online prenatal yoga with me :)

A quick trip to the zoo last week with Henry's buddy, Harrison.  Good times! 

I suppose we'll be shoveling hoo.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We went back to J-town to spend a short-n-sweet Easter weekend with Grandma & Papa Olin.  On Saturday, we took Henry to the annual Easter egg hunt put on by the lovely Parks-N-Rec department (whom we hold close to our hearts as both Phil and I's former employer).  It was moved from the park to the pool parking lot, which ended up being a great thing - no snow, no mud, no mess.  I remember attending this Easter egg hunt every year as a kid, hoping/praying that I would grab one of the eggs that had the magic winning ticket in it - A NEW BIKE.  Nope, never won one, and in fact, I don't know a single person who ever did win the bike (they give away 2 boys' bikes and 2 girls' bikes every year).  Well, Henry was no different - no bike, just way too much candy (which was hard as a rock because it was only 30 degrees outside, brrr)!

Our weekend festivities were complete with egg dying, ham eating, friend visiting, and church going :)