Tuesday, February 17, 2015

iPhone clean up

I know.....I've been TERRIBLE about taking pictures with my good camera lately!  So, here it is, a good 'ol iPhone clean up.....
We hit up the Children's Museum one morning a few weeks ago.  Now that Lydia is walking, it's much more enjoyable to visit the museum.  They can play together!  She copies everything he does :)

Henry is SO into hide-and-go-seek lately.  We play a little during the day and then he always tries to get one game in with Daddy before bed.  Lydia and I usually hide together.  Here she is.....hiding all by herself.  Henry doesn't have any tolerance for this sloppy hiding :)  We're working on it!

Phil and Henry went tubing for the first time at Elm Creek in Maple Grove.  He had a blast!  They hooked their tubes together for every turn down the hill, except for the last one - Henry wanted to go all by himself.  Check out those lanes!

We had a few warm days back in January - like almost 40 degrees, I believe.  I filled up his bike tires and we took a 1 mile trip around the lake.  Crazy!  He's just about grown out of this bike now.

A few weekends ago, we went to a bonfire on a sunny Sunday afternoon at one of Phil's relatives in Ramsey.  Check out that fire behind us, it was huge!

Phil dug out his old Atari from the basement one weekend, complete with about 30 different games.  He tracked down a cord from Radio Shack, I went and picked it up, and they were good to go!  Henry is so funny, playing "video games" now, ha!  If only he knew what a real "video game" nowadays looked like :)

I was lucky enough to take a long weekend trip to Marco Island, Florida with a couple of great girlfriends last month. We had absolutely beautiful weather, sunny and 75 degrees.  

We spent one of our days at the spa right there at our hotel.  It was fantastic!  Reading, sunshine, quiet, a few cocktails - what more could you want?!

Now back to the cold.....
We really haven't had much snow on the ground this winter.  Here Lydia had to settle for a sled ride on the lake, driven by her crazy brother that always makes her smile!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

We all LOVED Valentine's Day around here!  
Henry had a "friendship" party at school, and these were the Valentines we made for his classmates.  He signed each one of them on the back :)

He made heart-shaped suncatchers to send to all the ladies in his life :)  This was quite a project - he colored, sprayed, and then cut out all the hearts himself!  

A LEGO Valentine box for a LEGO lover, of course!  

And Lydia helped me with baking cookies one morning while Henry was at school.  Ok.....maybe she just dressed for the part and then ate the results when I was done :)