Thursday, March 26, 2015

We had a beautiful stretch of weather for about a week recently.  We took advantage of it - trips to the park, going for bike rides/walks, and just playing outside more.  
We met up with some good friends at Como Zoo one day, as well.  Some days, the kids seem to get a little more 'up close & personal' with the animals vs other days - this was definitely one of those good days!  This was our first zoo trip this year.  I knew Lydia would be pointing at everything, "oooh - oooh," and that she was.  She wanted nothing to do with sitting in the stroller - she was off with the big boys :)  
Ms Tiger, Harrison, & Henry

Henry, Mr Polar Bear, and Lydia 

She really thought she could pet him :)

This was one Saturday morning trip to the park with the whole family.  Lydia took a few trips down the slide like this, but unfortunately the last one ended with a face full of mulch, poor thing :(

Henry finished up his first swimming lesson session at Foss.  He is just a completely different kid in the water since starting lessons here - in a good way!  His sudden fear of water is gone, thank God!!  He LOVES going to swimming each week now.  

One day after class he got to pick out some new goggles and now busts them out at home from time to time, as well!  The kid loves any kind of costume, that's for sure.  

Monkey see, monkey do, right?!  If he's got a costume of some sort on, well, of course, so does she!  Here she is, on her way up to take a nap (yep, still in pj's)!

Not sure why I do this to myself, as this is one hefty mess to clean up!  Some mornings, she wants to have a smoothie just like me.  I never fight it, as it's definitely the only way she'll eat a green veggie!  Any other green veggie in its whole form usually lands on the ground.

Lucy - poor Lucy hasn't gotten any props in a long time.  Here's Henry, just giving the girl a "boat ride."  Doesn't she look like she's having fun?!  Lucy tolerates a lot, but does get a lot of love too, in the form of table scraps from these two :)  I really couldn't ask for a more sweet and gentle dog to be around kids.  She's so good to them!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

This is my all-time favorite St. Patrick's Day project.  It's just so neat and pretty when it's finished!  I'm thankful that Henry's still into it as much as I am :)
Those naughty leprechauns were back again this year, messing up Henry's room in the middle of the night!  They also turned every food imaginable green as well.  Henry had a lot of fun with it all and was a little sad the next morning when his milk was plain old white milk again.  Until next year, leprechauns.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NoDak tour

Henry was on Spring Break from preschool last week, so the kids and I decided to make a trip up to NoDak to visit.  
We headed over the Bismarck one day.  At our first stop, we spotted a huge jackrabbit right outside of my Grandma's nursing home, just hopping away along the rocks.  Henry was convinced that it was the Easter bunny!  Well, when we got to my aunt Jackie's house, and she had special Easter basket deliveries right from the Easter bunny himself, he couldn't have been more excited!  After playing outside with bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles all afternoon at my aunt Jackie's house, we visited the shop at my uncle John's trucking company, Roughrider Transportation in Mandan.  Henry had the time of his life - sitting in, riding in, and even driving a few of the vehicles.  The boy was grinning from ear to ear :) 

Uncle John even took him out on the road - the boy was pumped!

My Grandma was able to come over to my aunt Jo's house for dinner that night.  She HATED when I was trying to take a picture of her, but I snuck this one in and she looks great!

The weather was fantastic when we were there.  I got to get in a couple runs up to the dam.  Here's my sunset pic :)

While in Jamestown, we hit up all the hot spots!  I haven't been to the Alfred Dickey Public Library in years, and was VERY excited to see that the reading nook in the children's section, also known as the bathtub, lives on!  

Lydia took a huge tumble, face-first into the concrete, right after visiting the buffalo.  Poor thing, all scratched up, bloody nose and all.  

Henry got to go to the YMCA with my dad each morning, and said that was the highlight of the whole trip!  

It was one wild and crazy spring break, ha!