Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What have we been up to around here?

Man, I have been terrible about updating this blog lately, sheesh!  I really don't have a ton to report, I guess.  We took advantage of our mild weather as long as we could with our morning bike rides/walks/jogs. This particular day, Henry stopped abruptly and dropped to the ground, saying, "Mommy, I forgot to do my push-ups this morning."  Apparently he does push-ups every morning, who knew?
Henry is just finishing up another session of swimming lessons, and it's been a bit of a struggle for the poor guy in the water lately.  He's definitely not as fearless as he used to be there.  One day, he all of a sudden said he was "scared of putting his face all the way in, but only in the deep end" and that fear has continued for quite some time now, which is a bummer.  There's even tears sometimes at lessons, which just stinks for him (and for me to have to watch).  He's totally fine if he's in water where he can touch and play around, but get him in the deep water and he panics.  Of course when this started happening, I was Googling "sudden fear of water in little kids" and the only answer I was getting was that it definitely was common and that at this age, they're just getting too smart now, realizing there are consequences if you would go underwater in the deep part and can't touch :(    

 BMO sponsored an event at the Childrens' Museum not too long ago with the Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit.  Here Henry is with Hubert the BMO Harris lion.  It's so funny how he's always keeping his eyes on these creatures!

Here he is, doing his own face painting (well, I assisted with the mustache) at the museum.  He said he was clown when it was all said and done!  

Our first snow storm arrived last week.  I got out the snowblower manual and acquainted myself with it again.  I'm ready!

Now that Lydia is 12 months old, I sometimes skip her morning nap and then she ends up snoozing in the car like this.  Neither of my kids have ever been those that stay sleeping once you take them out of their car seat.  Well, on this particular day, we dropped Henry off at school and trekked over to Trader Joes.  She was sleeping so hard, that I had to get her out of her seat like this, and she slept in my arms for my entire shopping trip.  My bicep was still burning the next day, as she's not exactly a peanut anymore!

We've had a couple afternoons where we've ventured out in the snow to play.  I took this pic after poor Lydia was trying to get out of her sled and fell face first in the snow :(  
Lydia and I have been enjoying our Tuesday morning baby Storytime sessions at the library.  They're all done now for the holiday season, but will be starting back up in January again.  It's amazing how much she's grown and can participate more from the start of our session 2 months ago until now.  Now she's clapping, bouncing, dancing, and having a good ol' time :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween - it was a sunny and cold day outside.  We started the afternoon with trick-or-treating at Oma & Opa's house.  Henry managed the doorbell while Lydia pounded on the door - boo!  

They opened all their treats from Oma.  Lydia was testing out her candy with the wrapper on, I guess.

We came home for our annual pumpkin pizza before heading out in the neighborhood.  Every year, we leave our bucket of candy out on the front step while we go to a few neighbors' homes before coming home to hand the rest out.  Well, we sure got tricked this year and all our candy was gone when we got home (along with at least 3 of our neighbors that did the same thing).  Bummer, we were only gone for such a short time and then Henry had nothing to hand out :(  We learned our lessons and won't be doing that again!  
Here they are, the strawberry and the Gopher, all bundled up!  Lydia sure was spoiled by the neighbors and didn't even have to get out of the wagon :)  Henry didn't even ask to eat a single piece of candy when we got home.  One of our sweet neighbors gave him a little LEGO set, so he put that together and then went to bed.  A Happy Halloween, it was!