Wednesday, April 22, 2015

18 months

Lydia had her 18 month appointment last week.  Here are her stats: 
Length: 31 1/4" (30th %ile)
Weight: 23 lb, 4 oz (40th %ile)
Head Circumference: 18 1/2" (60th %ile)
Dr. Sakkal didn't quite believe (and neither did I, for that matter) that she was near the 50th %ile for her weight.  She's just a petite little thing :)  As he politely puts it, she likely wasn't the most "cooperative" on the scale.  Oh my, "the girl was screaming her head off" is more like it!  Poor thing was just in a complete panic when he came into the room to examine her.  He said her heart rate was in the 180s, yikes!  No concerns from him regarding her health.  He did say he wanted her pacifier gone by the time she comes back for her 2-year visit.  She's quite the strong sucker and is really doing a number on her teeth already, oops!
Oh Lydia, what's she up to these days?  Favorite food - hmmmm, that's a hard one.  Some days she's a good eater and other days I think she lives on air.  She certainly won't eat vegetables on her plate, but loves a spinach smoothie in the morning.  I would just say any cracker or snack/cereal would be her favorite right now.  She would carry around her snack cup all day long if I let her!  The girl takes after her mommy and has to have dessert after lunch and dinner.  Favorite book - Goodnight Moon, any book with a baby in it.  She loves to go through the old toy catalogs from Christmas and look at all the babies.  Favorite toys - babies, doll house, mixing bowls/utensils from the kitchen, and books.  Overall, I'd say she enjoys playing outside the most right now.  She takes after Henry and loves to drive trucks out there, ha!  She REALLY likes playing at the park.  Coming inside is absolute torture to her - we've had many lovely tantrums because of having to come in :(  
She adores that brother!  She calls him "bra" for "brother" and can say "Hery" if I ask her to say "Henry" now.  She goes to him to help her for so many things - read her a book, open a container, share a snack.  She copies him so much.  I LOVE to just sit and watch them really play together, their giggles are so flippin' cute :)
Lydia and I have a few groups that we get together with - on Wednesdays it's church playgroup and on Thursdays it's Baby Storytime at our library.  She's a good sleeper for me, and I'm thankful for that - up at 7-7:30am, 2-3 hour nap during the day, and then to bed by 7pm.
The girl loves her shoes and she's actually picky about some clothes!  I tried to put an outfit on her the other day, and she just shook her head "no," so I tried again a few minutes later and she definitely was NOT going to let me put that one outfit on!  She has this yellow skirt that she likes to wear over everything when we're at home, including her pjs!
How cute is she here!?  She crawled up onto the couch with a snack and a book, just getting cozy :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 Here are a few pics from our Easter festivities.......  
There's an 8-egg limit at the Easter egg hunt in Blaine.  Henry is movin' on up, to the 4-6 year old age group this year.  He sprinted to the back of the baseball diamond and picked up his 8 eggs in about 15 seconds.  Lydia managed to snag 6 eggs herself, which was quite an accomplishment, considering how slow the little thing moves :)  

We colored our eggs with Kool-Aid this year - something different - I think I'd do it again next year.  I do love the trick of using a whisk for the little ones.  She still ended up crushing her eggs in the end, but I think it prolongs the crushing for a little while, at least until after they can color them.  Those crushed ones just got used for egg salad immediately! 

We headed home to Jamestown for Easter weekend.  Of course it was freezing cold and windy, shocking!  We took Henry down to where the Bluejays play football, good ol' Ernie Gates Field.  The place was all closed up, but we managed to find one gate unlocked to sneak in so the boys could play!

Henry dyed Grandma's easter eggs, as well, while Lydia supervised with her snack.  Poor guy got sick on Friday night, didn't really eat much the rest of the weekend, took some good naps, and slept hard :(

We went to Jamestown's Easter egg hunt - no egg limits at this one.  Henry - 25, Lydia - 0.  Luckily she had a nice big brother share with her :)

He wanted his picture with the bunny SO badly this year, love it!  Lydia wouldn't go near him, not a surprise to me!