Saturday, October 10, 2015


We have had such a beautiful month of September around here.  It started out with a hot Labor Day weekend.  Henry's lady friends, Gwyneth and Olivia, invited us to their pool.  It was Henry's first time swimming the entire day without a life jacket, even jumping off the diving board into 11 feet of water, and swimming to the edge all by himself many times!  I was so impressed!   

Just prior to swimming with his friends at the pool, he had finished up a 2-week swim camp.  Unfortunately, he had a random fever and missed a couple days of it, but overall he made huge improvements in his swimming.  Lydia does love copying everything that brother does :)  

Phil and I went to see Taylor Swift perform at the Xcel.  Wow, the girl knows how to put on a show - it was fantastic!  We went with another couple, and we were the oldest 4 around, that's for sure, ha!

Old Papa was visiting over Labor Day weekend.  As always, he is so sweet with the kiddos.  Lydia always plays hard-to-get at first, but then warms up!   Here she is, getting help with her hot pink shoes, and only Old Papa could help her :) 

Phil and I went to the Gopher football home opener with our friends, Todd & Laura, a few weeks ago.  Good times, even though the Gophers took the loss that night.  

We've gone on a few outings with friends this month.  Here was a trip to Como Zoo with our neighbor, Blake!

Sonja and I celebrated her birthday together with a Sunday Funday at Target Field.  They put on a yoga class out on the grass in the morning for us, and then we came back in the afternoon to watch the Twins game.  We sat in the Budweiser Roof Deck and caught the Vikings game on tv, as well!

We went on campus to watch the Gopher Homecoming Parade with our neighbors, who are also fellow alumni with Phil.  Here are Troy, Henry, Lydia, and Blake.  Once Lydia had a handful of suckers from the parade, she sat on the curb and proceeded to open every single one of them, eating the red/pink ones and tossing all the rest of them :)

Oh my, when the cheerleaders came over to her during the parade, she was in love!  

Phil took Henry to the Homecoming football game the following day - they even went down there early to tailgate before the game - Henry said he got to eat a brownie and Doritos, what a good time he had!  It was a hot and sunny one out there for the boys.  Who would have thought I would have needed to sunscreen Henry up in the middle of September?!?