Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We started out the month with May Day baskets!  I feel like May Day is a lost art, but we keep trying to revive it here!  Henry didn't get caught or kissed by anybody - he's fast.....and it helped that not many people were home yet when we made our deliveries :)

The first weekend in May was absolutely beautiful, 75* and sunny!  We busted out the water table for the first time.  I whipped up some delicious mint juleps in honor of the Kentucky Derby, which we watched later that day!  My parents were here that weekend, which is when they took Henry to the Twins game. 

I was treated well on Mother's Day!  Henry LOVES the idea of breakfast-in-bed, and made it himself for me that morning - a fantastic fruit and yogurt parfait.  Phil got me a gift card for a mani/pedi and then Henry gave me his own manicure with lots of sparkles - oh, he was so proud when I would show people!  Phil took care of dinner that night, and we had his family over to celebrate all the moms.

Last week, we took a trip to the Children's Museum with Henry's buddy, Blake (or as Lydia calls him, Bweek).  I think they visited every single room and did every single activity they could!  We stayed for lunch, too.  Everyone was exhausted on the way home.

Here she is at the bubble table, right in her element.  The girl will pick bubbles any day for an activity outside.  

We've had quite a few rainy days around here lately.  Henry is SO into "markering" pictures lately, seriously he'll color for an entire afternoon.  I've been able to talk him into painting for a couple days.

 We cut up a potato into different shaped chunks and painted with those one day.

Henry is getting ready to say goodbye to another year of preschool at the end of this week.  Here he is with his buddies out on the playground last week after class one day (Kaden, Levi, and AJ).

Monday, May 18, 2015

Grounds Crew Buddy

My parents got their hands on some Twins tickets a couple weekends ago and made the trip down here to see them play the White Sox.  That alone would have been a fun afternoon for Henry, but my dad also made a few calls to the Twins' grounds crew and got Henry on the roster to be one of the Grounds Crew Buddies for the day! How fun, thanks!!!  

After the 5th inning, TC escorted Henry out to 1st base where he helped him put a fresh clean base down.  After their very important job was done, TC held his little hand all the way around the bases until they got here for a picture.  The video was so cute, as Henry was alternating between skipping and speed walking with that big bear.  What a great day! 
The Twins won big that day, too - even better!